Rating System

Rating System:

My rating system is similar to GoodReads'.

One Star: I did not like it. It just wasn't my cup of tea, though others may enjoy it. I will do my best to explain why I had a problem with any one-star books.

Two Stars: It was OK. I would probably never re-read a two-star book.

Three Stars: I liked it. While it won't become a favorite, I still enjoyed reading it. I would probably recommend borrowing this from the library.

Four Stars: I really liked it. A really good book that probably only had a couple of issues to keep me from rating it higher. I will usually recommend these to friends, and will find a place for them on my bookshelves.

Five Stars: I loved it! I try to reserve five stars for those books that I just really love. These books will have a permanent place on my bookshelves, and will be highly recommended to others.

Updated April 23, 2015.  

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