Sunday, October 4, 2015

A Rainbow at Sunset

I know this isn't a book-related post, but I wanted to share this photo anyway.  I was sitting at the kitchen table this evening, reading Queen of Shadows while I ate supper, when I suddenly felt the need to look out the window.  I marveled at the beginnings of fall foliage for a moment, and then decided to look out of the kitchen door.  I checked the peephole first, as always.  As a slightly paranoid person, I wanted to be sure no strangers were lurking on the porch before I opened the door.  I gasped as I saw this through the little peephole, and then ran to get my camera.

My photo doesn't do it justice at all, but I just had to try to capture it.  I only had time to take about five shots before it disappeared completely.  It was glorious, and I only wish I could have captured it exactly as it looked in the sky.  It was so gorgeous, so amazing, and I'm so thankful I decided to randomly look outside!

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