Monday, August 10, 2015

Review: A Little in Love by Susan Fletcher

Read July 15th -17th, 2015.

(Source:  I received a copy of this book from Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.)

Summary from Edelweiss:  Inspired by Victor Hugo's classic, Les Misérables, A Little in Love beautifully conveys the heartbreaking story of street girl Eponine.

Paris, 1832

A girl lies alone in the darkness, clutching a letter to her heart.

Eponine remembers being a child: her swing and the peach tree, and the baby brother she loved. But mostly she remembers being miserable. Taught to lie and cheat, and to hate the one girl, Cosette, who might have been her friend.

Now, at sixteen, the two girls meet again, and Eponine has one more chance. But what is the price of friendship?  The love of a boy?

As a fan of Les Misérables, both the novel and the musical, I was so excited when I first heard about this book.  I featured it as my very first Waiting on Wednesday post, and I was thrilled when I saw it was available on Edelweiss.  I literally squealed with delight when I received the email letting me know I was approved to read the ARC.

This is Eponine's story.  It's Les Misérables told from her perspective, and it is masterfully done.  I love companion novels when they're done well.  Even if the original author doesn't write them, as in this case, I still feel like I've gleaned new information about a character.  It can round out a story even more if the author is true to the original, and respectfully tells the tale from another character's point of view.

Those familiar with Les Misérables will know some of Eponine's back story, but it was interesting to see it all unfold from her point of view.  Her story is heartbreaking, and even though I knew how things would end, I was still hoping it would turn out differently this time.  I love how the author showed her as such a complex character - the good and the bad, her flaws and her hopes.  She makes mistakes, but she is ultimately a good person.

I finished this book on my lunch break at work, and I shed a few tears, which is something I usually refrain from doing whilst reading at the office.

Beautifully written, with wonderful imagery, this is an excellent companion to Les Misérables, and I would highly recommend it. 

(Note:  The Kindle version of A Little in Love is currently available for only $2.99 on Amazon, and it is definitely worth every penny (and more!).  I'm not sure how long it will stay that price, but you can click below to go straight to the Amazon page.)   

Rating (out of five stars):

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