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Review: All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven

All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven

Read:  June 28th - July 1st, 2015


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From Goodreads:  Theodore Finch is fascinated by death, and he constantly thinks of ways he might kill himself. But each time, something good, no matter how small, stops him.

Violet Markey lives for the future, counting the days until graduation, when she can escape her Indiana town and her aching grief in the wake of her sister’s recent death.

When Finch and Violet meet on the ledge of the bell tower at school, it’s unclear who saves whom. And when they pair up on a project to discover the “natural wonders” of their state, both Finch and Violet make more important discoveries: It’s only with Violet that Finch can be himself—a weird, funny, live-out-loud guy who’s not such a freak after all. And it’s only with Finch that Violet can forget to count away the days and start living them. But as Violet’s world grows, Finch’s begins to shrink.

This is an intense, gripping novel perfect for fans of Jay Asher, Rainbow Rowell, John Green, Gayle Forman, and Jenny Downham from a talented new voice in YA, Jennifer Niven.

I had very high expectations for this book because it seemed like everyone simply loved it.  While I felt it fell a little short of my admittedly high expectations, I still enjoyed reading it.  Jennifer Niven has a natural YA voice, and she wove a riveting and heartbreaking tale with All the Bright Places.

I liked the fact that the characters weren't perfect, and even though it broke my heart, I was glad she didn't hold back just for a happy ending.  It felt honest and raw, and it was even more upsetting after I read the author's note once I finished the book.

All the Bright Places is a lovely book, even though the topics discussed aren't so lovely.  Ms. Niven dealt with tough subjects in a way that felt real, but the bits of humor and beauty she included kept the book from being too depressing.

Her writing is lyrical and honest, and I will definitely be checking out her other books.  

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