Monday, July 20, 2015

Review: The Lake Season by Hannah McKinnon

Read from July 8th - 12th, 2015.

(Source:  I received a copy of this book from Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.)

Iris has been married to Paul for sixteen years, when he suddenly drops a bombshell - he wants a divorce.  Her sister, Leah, is getting married at her parents' idyllic lakefront farm, and Iris decides to return home a few weeks early so she can try to figure things out.  She leaves the kids with Paul so they can finish up their respective summer camps, and heads back to her parents' house.  

Iris has always thought Leah was the perfect and popular one, but as her sister's wedding looms nearer, she learns that Leah's life hasn't been as perfect as she imagined.  

Amidst all the drama, Iris gets closer to Cooper, an old high school crush who now helps out at her parents' farm.  They both want more than a summer fling, but so much stands in the way that she isn't sure it will work.  

This is an ideal beach read, though a little more serious than an average chick-lit book.  Dealing with depression, divorce, recovery, taking chances, and mending relationships, The Lake Season is heartbreaking at times, yet ultimately realistic and hopeful.  

Though Iris is a little flat for a main character, the others are more complex.  Well-written, with evocative descriptions of the landscape, The Lake Season is an enjoyable read, and one I would recommend to fans of engrossing women's lit and beach reads featuring a strong family dynamic and second chances.  

Rating (out of five stars):                             About the author:  Hannah McKinnon's website


  1. This review of this book makes me think of the movie "You Again". It sound like a really enjoyable read ! Nice review!

    1. I've been meaning to watch "You Again" for a while, but I haven't gotten around to it yet.

      Thanks, Johnny!

  2. I like how this one has a bit more depth than other contemporary reads, although the setting is definitely perfect for a summer read like you said. It's a shame the main character couldn't have been more fleshed out though.

    1. I agree. I think it probably would have been a 4-star book for me if the main character had been just a bit more fleshed out.