Sunday, July 26, 2015

ARC August

I recently saw this challenge posted on someone's blog, and it sounded right up my alley! It's hosted by Read. Sleep. Repeat., and I am really excited to give it a try next month. As most reviewers know, NetGalley is a wonderful thing, but it's so easy to get overwhelmed - especially if you download a lot of "read now" titles. I've been trying to get my ARC list under control, and this should be the perfect way to take care of it. If you want to participate, you can sign up here!

The rules, from Read. Sleep. Repeat.:

It may be a physical ARC or an eARC, but it MUST be an ARC.

Yes, it can be an ARC that has already been released as long as it’s an ARC. I’m not going to nit pick much.

HAVE FUN WITH THIS! Feeling like you are being “forced” to read is the best way turn a fun event into a yucky obligation.

Update post! I personally will do a post for each Saturday in August but that’s just me. You can update once a week, every other week, or once for the whole darn event. This update can be in the form of a blog or tumblr post, vlog, link to your “ARC August 2015″ shelf, or even an instagram pic! I want to make this as easy as possible for you.

Here are the books I'm planning to read:

I don't have as many left as I originally thought, but I would still like to finish these up so I can move on to new books!


  1. I must say that a lot of your books are new to me. Shadow Scale has a pretty cover. Curious to hear what your thoughts are. New follower via bloglovin.

    Grace @ Books of Love

    1. I hadn't heard of them, either, but their descriptions sounded interesting when I saw them on NetGalley, so I thought I'd give them a chance. I like the cover for Shadow Scale, too!

      Thanks for following, Grace!