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Review: Eve by Anna Carey

Read from March 6th - 12th, 2015.

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I first read this book several years ago, and I always meant to finish the series, but I just never got around to it.  I recently found the next two books in the series on sale, so I decided to go ahead and read the whole trilogy.  I remembered the basic plot of the book, but not much more than that.  I originally gave it three stars, which means that I must have liked it at least a little, but after reading it for a second time, I'm tempted to drop my rating to two stars.  I suppose I've changed as a reader since I first read it, which is to be expected.  I'm older and my taste in books has changed, at least a little.  So maybe I shouldn't adjust my rating, even though my current rating system would give it a two.  I was closer to the target audience of YA when I first read it, so maybe I will leave it three stars.  This will take a little more consideration.  Anyway, on to the review.  

Eve is a dystopia, set in future America, sometime after a plague has wiped out most of the country.  It's pretty formulaic, and follows the standard dystopian rules.  After the plague, a politician steps up to take over and becomes the King.  He renames the country the New America, and builds a new city for the remaining citizens to repopulate and recover.  Children, however, are sent to Schools.  Most of the children are orphans, or their parents are "Strays" living in the wild who can't care for their children properly.  

Girls and boys attend different Schools.  As a matter of fact, Eve has never even seen a man, apart from a picture of the King.  They're taught that men can't be trusted.  The girls at Eve's School believe that once they finish their education, they will move to the secondary School to focus on their respective crafts and skills, and then they will move to the city to rejoin the rest of society.  

The night before graduation, Eve discovers that not all is as it seems, and she escapes into the wild to try to find Califia, where she is told she'll be safe.  She embarks on the dangerous journey with absolutely no supplies, but soon meets others who help her along the way.  

I think part of my problem with Eve is that she did such stupid things that literally made me close the book and shake my head.  However, I suppose I should take into consideration that Eve has been raised in isolation, she's been lied to by everyone in charge, and her education has been skewed.  She has absolutely no survival skills and is the epitome of naive.  So maybe I shouldn't be so hard on her.  

On a good note, the author's writing style is enjoyable, and the story is well-paced.  After careful consideration, I think I will keep my original three-star rating, and I'm going to finish up the series.  Here's to hoping the next two books are five-star worthy! 

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