Monday, February 23, 2015

Review: Splintered by A. G. Howard

Read January 4th - 11th, 2015.

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Splintered is a modern retelling of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland. Alice is one of my favorite books, so I was really excited to read Splintered. Plus, the cover is really lovely, and I'm a sucker for a beautiful cover.

I would say this is only loosely based on the original story. It's obvious that it got its roots from Wonderland, but it definitely has its own unique characters and plot.

Alyssa is the great-great-great-granddaughter of Alice Liddell, the girl who inspired Carroll to write Alice in Wonderland. The females in her family have been cursed, and Alyssa believes she can break the curse by returning to Wonderland.

I really enjoyed A. G. Howard's writing style. It flowed really well, and the story was imaginative. While the characters are well-written, the love triangle made it lose a star.

It seems that a lot of authors fall back on that plot point, and it is really over-used. Like Alyssa isn't interesting enough on her own to carry the story, so she needs two guys to fight over her to make her seem more interesting and desirable. And honestly, as much as Alyssa annoyed me at times, she could do so much better than Morpheus AND Jeb. For starters, Jeb has a girlfriend and doesn't act on his feelings for Alyssa because he doesn't want to hurt her. Of course, that's why Alyssa never told him about her true feelings, too! What a coincidence!

And then there's Morpheus. I don't understand why there are "Team Morpheus" sites out there, because he was basically a manipulative jerk throughout the entire book, until the very end when gives a nice speech. But actions speak louder than words, and I think Morpheus would always choose himself over Alyssa. Now, my opinion may change after I read the next two books in the series, and I may have to come back and eat my words, so we shall see. Because despite how the last couple of paragraphs make it seem, I actually did enjoy this book, and I am interested to see what happens at the end of the series.

A little bit goth, a little bit steampunk, and a little bit Alice, Splintered is definitely a unique twist on the original, and I would recommend this to readers who like topsy-turvy versions of classic tales.

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  1. Had to scroll back for this one, too. :) I blame the covers for sucking me in. Is this a trilogy already written or is it still being written?