Friday, October 31, 2014

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

I was nominated by Carole's Random Life for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award!  Thanks, Carole!

Of course, there are rules...

1.  Thank the blogger who nominated you, and link back to their site.

2.  Post the award's logo on your blog.

3.  Answer the 10 questions that you have been asked.

4.  Nominate 10 other bloggers and ask them 10 questions. 

Since I'm new to book blogging, I don't really know ten of you well enough to tag anyone, so if you'd like to participate, just leave a comment and I'll ask you ten questions!

My questions from Carole's Random Life:

1.  What is your favorite book?

That is a really tough question!  I have so many books that I love, and it's hard to pick just one.  Some of my favorites include The Lord of the Rings, the Harry Potter series, Little Women, Wuthering Heights, Sense & Sensibility, Pride & Prejudice, and The Book Thief. 

2.  Approximately how many books do you currently own?

Another tough question!  Counting both physical and e-books, I probably have close to 1500-2000. 

3.  Do you enjoy re-reading books?

Yes!  I love re-reading my favorite books.  I have "comfort books" that I like to re-read whenever I'm really stressed or just feeling down.  I always find something new, no matter how many times I've read a book.  

4.  What is the worst book you've ever read?

I'm not sure about the worst book I've read.  I'm read several that I just did not enjoy at all, but I hate to call them out.  If you really wanted to know, I suppose you could visit my Goodreads page and check my lowest-rated books.  ;)

5.  When you are not enjoying a book, do you stop reading, or do you feel the need to finish it no matter what?

I try to finish every book that I start.  Sometimes it's a struggle and sometimes it's not even worth my time, but I don't like leaving books unfinished.  I always think, "What if it gets better?"  However, if I just absolutely hate a book and it's taking ages to finish, I will stop reading.  In those cases, I just remind myself that there are so many awesome books waiting to be read, and life is too short to waste time on the bad ones.  

6.  Do you feel like you must read the book before seeing the movie?

Not always; it just depends on the book.  The book is almost always better than the movie, but I admit to watching the movie first occasionally, though it's rare. 

7.  Do you like to watch TV?  What is your favorite show?

Oh, I love to watch TV!  Currently, Doctor Who is my favorite, but I also enjoy Sherlock, Agents of SHIELD, Downton Abbey, Gilmore Girls, I Love Lucy, The Middle, Once Upon a Time, and many, many more.  

8.  Do you like to read several books at the same time?

Most of the time, yes.  Sometimes I have as many as four books going at the same time.  Recently I've tried reading one at a time, though, as it makes it easier for me to keep up with my reviews.  I'm currently reading two at the moment, though.  

9.  Who is your favorite author?

It's hard to pick one.  I love Tolkien, J. K. Rowling, Jane Austen, and Susanna Kearlsey.

10.  Approximately how many books do you read every year?

I don't even have to guess at that, as I've been keeping a list for the past few years.  I read 145 books last year. Though I don't always read quite that many, it's almost always over 100.  

That was fun!  Thanks again, Carole!

And again, if you'd like me to ask you ten questions for your blog, just leave a comment.  :)

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